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Hard Wood Board Blanks - Copper Cups - Rusty Barbed Wire -Hedge Apples - Tie Dye Shirts

Osage Orange Wood

Wood Slabs and Blanks.

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Hedge Balls - Osage Orange

Wood Taays - Trivits - Cutting Boards.

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Copper Mugs

Copper Cups

Moscow Mule - 100% Copper

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Osage Orange Wood

osagae Orange Blank Wood and Boards

Barn Beams

Old 100 years plus Barn Beams

Cookies Patio Slices

All sizes of Wood Cookies or Rounds. Lots of Different Hard Woods


Locust Boards with Live Edge

Walnut Slabs

Walnut Slabs Live Edge and Walnut Boards

Shavings - Cedar - Osage

Used for Aroma and Dyes

Cedar Wood - Aromatic

Eastern Cedar Boards Live Edge

Osage Orange Board

Osage Orange Boards and Blanks. Lots of Sizes

Osage Orange Tree

Picture of an Osage Orange Tree in a Hedge Ball Forest

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